X-Change Life Roadmap

Please note that this is not set in stone – this roadmap is my attempt at getting the plans that are in my head, down onto paper and just communicating my overall vision for X-Change Life development. It’s possible this may change, and priorities may shift around. All throughout development I will be doing my best to improve the game as a whole, and will often be adding things that are not planned in each release (as you will know if you have followed this project for any length of time).

In general, my work follows the pattern of 1 month of development for a big set of features, then 1-2 weeks of bugfixes and enhancements of those features, then another month of development and so forth. I will do my best to constantly communicate what I’m currently working on, and of course you can follow me on the source code repository to see what I’m working on!

My goal for X-Change Life is to make it the premier transformation game out there, and to offer the player a lot of freedom in how to approach sexy situations. My primary focus will always be for the game to be as hot as possible, everything else is secondary to me.  

  • 0.16e
    • Across the board enhancements, and new F/F scenes – won’t spoil the surprise too much
  • 0.16f (small update)
    • Reluctance system
    • Interracial scene
    • Overhaul / visual updates to older scenes
  • 0.17 – Progression Update #1 – Implementing office improvements
    • 0.17a – Promotions depending on performance, sex with coworkers in trade for high-quality leads. Balance and gameplay enhancements
    • 0.17b – Secretary job (in the same office) – make less but more dependable money than in sales – parallel job with a lot of the same coworkers
    • More pills to unlock will be added as well
  • 0.18 – Progression Update #2 – Male playthrough / reluctance improvements
    • 0.18a – More resistance / reluctance features – there will be more impact to having high masculinity, and not wanting to be transformed
      • Drink spiking, etc – on-ramps into being transformed (if non-con is turned on)
      • Guys might try to transform you if you start picking up too many women at the bar
    • 0.18b – additional encounters with girls – framework for quick, short scenes – some may drug you with x-change after
      • Improvements to encounters with bar girls
      • Achievements system (previously moved from 0.20)
  • 0.19 – Progression Update #3 – Stepdad, Bruce and Alexia
    • 0.19a – Relationship with Stepdad (his dominant route)
      • 2 New Pills: Cum-Cure and Resistance
      • Additional content with Bruce
    • 0.19b – Relationship with Alexia (her submissive route)
      • Bring her on dates
      • Sex scenes, finally!
      • More things to spend your money on and improve your daily life / impress girls.
  • 0.20 – Progression Update #4 – Explore the city
    • Purchasable car, use it to take night drives and restore identity, as well as discover new locations
    • Unlockable locations for dates – both girls and guys can be dated – dating will be quite simple
    • Additional random encounters
    • New activities at the beach
  • 0.21 Progression Update #5 – Female playthrough
    •  Sexy situations with stepdad
    • Sexy situations with dominant Alexia – she takes a Blue pill, dun dun dunnn
      • She brings home guys, and won’t take as much interest in you when you’re a guy (NTR ish, if you let her get too dominant)
    • Guys will take you on dates, and many will expect exclusivity. Don’t get caught cheating on them!
    • Blackmail content – you will get blackmailed (especially if you were seen cheating in public) and will have to find a way out of it
    • More effects of high femininity – day to day type changes of being a woman, you may compulsively take pills at a certain point
  • 0.22 Progression Update #6 – Progressing the Story
    • Hollis scenes, both for male and female characters
    • Won’t spoil the story too much but some really fun sex scenes will be happening!
    • Story Chapter 1 complete
  • 0.23 Reputation!
    • Outfits affect your reputation over time. Exhibitionist and free use content will be added, where people in general will start treating you differently.
  • 0.24 Bimbo therapy
    • In the case of game overs, you will be sent to a bimbo resort for rehabilitation instead. Your brainpower is drained down to a very minimal amount, while your mind and body is healing. You have to perform a bunch of bimbo type tasks, and earn enough money to stay at the resort long enough to fully heal and go back to the core gameplay loop.
  • 0.25 Pregnancy updates
    • More fleshed-out pregnancy content.
    • Breeding-focused gameplay loop, with non-con aspects
    • Wholesome content, ability to visit your kids at the childcare facilities and interact with them / see how they’re doing
  • 0.26 MMF threesomes – will be different for each character, and situational
  • 0.27 Social media – the ability to have an onlyfans type career, and to comment on other character’s posts
  • 0.28 VR Arcade – extremely immersive VR games that may have real-world transformative effects on your character.

At this point in development, I expect things to have taken a turn from building baseline features, to be more about just adding scenes and story content. There will just be more of everything – more sales demos, more random encounters, non-con scenes, unique sex scenes for each character.

0.29-0.45 – Hollis, Alexia, Stepdad Routes  

0.46-0.48 – Story chapter 2 complete

0.47-50 – Female Hollis route completion

0.51-60 – Male Hollis route completion

0.61-70 – Story Chapter 3 complete

0.71 – Final Heist –  Game enters Beta phase

0.72 – 1.0 Open world updates, new pills, expansion of all currently Existing content

Calling the game 1.0 may actually happen earlier than I plan it now. I will have to think about when’s a good time to call the game functionally complete – likely once there are enough satisfying routes to go through.  At that point, I’ll just be releasing DLC, and writing more scenes!